Customer experience in QMS installed organisation – when comfort and technology meets

Queue Management System is all set to change the life of the customers with a difference. You and I may not have experienced anything better –the benefits of technology based queue management are commendable on many aspects. The QMS equip the organizations with a differentiating factor which is in fact what the customer is looking for.

Yes it’s a truly magical transformation that is happening; you can call it a ‘luxury’ to be serviced at a QMS installed hospital or bank or a telecom service centre. There was a time when visiting hospitals was an ordeal since patients had to wait in long queues. Or be it the case when you want an urgent transaction to be done at your bank but you are confronted by a queue of people before you. 
Take the case when you want to service your mobile phone at the telecom service centre. It is a boon to see that IT industry has woken up to this age-old problem of ‘how to manage crowd waiting to be serviced, at the same time maintaining the satisfaction levels of each customer in the crowd?’ A suitable solution to this problem resulted in the implementation of QMS in organizations especially in service sector.Queue Management System has been researched and implemented in various organizations in Kerala and abroad by GTI through its application QMagik.
The end user, for example a patient who is on the run to his office has to simply take an appointment at the hospital from home; on reaching the hospital just go to the reception and get the token number;as and when your token number gets displayed in the LCD, get serviced and reach for the doctor’s bay. 

After consulting the doctor the token is forwarded to the lab or specialist or for further services like buying medicines. You never have the feeling that there was a big crowd at the hospital. All smooth, easy and comfortable. This deeply impacts the minds of the customers who rate the service as positive and as a matter of fact become repeat customers. The application is customized based on the requirements of the organization where it has to be installed. QMagik is the need of the hour today in regions with high density of population and troubled public seeking service at government and non-government organizations in equal measure.

Its human nature to search for higher comfort and better service be it any organizations he visits. And with the world changing every second and life becoming fast-paced, people would choose only the best without compromising any means to meet with the end factor. Why choose the 20th century pattern when the world has made it to 21st century? Customers have this mindset when they choose service. It is advisable for companies to see the customer’s point of view when they adopt new technologies and go hi-tech. Give Him the best, treat Him as the King! The returns to this investment would be unfathomable!